Benchmarking / Data Management Engine

At the heart of our scorecards and benchmarks for the healthcare industry is a Data Management Engine. This engine serves as a centralized data storage, management, and analysis system.

Healthcare reform means years of constantly-changing measures for providers to organize, manage and report on. TBS provides "engine driven" versus "program driven" tools to accommodate these ever-changing rules and inputs with no software coding. The TBS rules-based, user-empowered technology will keep healthcare organizations ahead of the changes.

Flexible Technology Imports, Validates and Exports Multiple File Types

Data from almost any source can be defined and loaded from multiple file types and formats through the use of user-defined crosswalks. Data validation is applied to all data loads in order to ensure integrity and alert users of problems with data submission. Data can then be queried and exported back out of the system following user-defined parameters. This ability to easily add new data sources and measures and also make measure revisions is critical to meet the ever changing requirements and user needs.

Complex Calculations Aggregate and Analyze Measures

Our engine incorporates the use of a data calculation system. This system allows users to define formulas based on data sources and then analyze and store custom measures. Aggregate operations can also be performed on defined measures to calculate statistical breakdowns of measure output on benchmarking/peer group levels.

Efficient Data Processing

Large amounts of data can be processed with the system easily and efficiently (for example approximately 75% of the United States healthcare discharges are currently processed with the system annually).

Data Management Tools for System Users

Our engine incorporates a scheduler system where tasks essential to properly loading, auditing, and processing new data can be assigned to individuals. These individuals are then held accountable for their responsibilities through the use of automated email reminders, team leader reports, and completion steps which are managed through the system. These data management capabilities allow a focused team of users to easily manage large amounts of data from numerous and disparate sources.

Cloud Environment

From defining new data sources to mapping inputs to setting up measures and running batch calculations, our engine involves a series of logical steps. The system is laid out in an intuitive, sequential format that lends itself to quick user training. The following list outlines the main components of the system that need to be fully understood before use:

  • Data Definition
  • Data Crosswalk
  • Data and Measure Output Crosswalk
  • Data Uploads
  • Measure Calculator
  • Peer Groups
  • Benchmarking Aggregation
  • Batch Processing
  • System Management

Contact us so we can share more detailed information about our benchmarking and Data Management Engine and our vision to improve healthcare performance across the nation.

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